• Small Business Retirement
    Maximizing Small Business Retirement Plan Deductions Most small business owners have been at a party, on a golf course or just talking with a friend who boasts “I don’t worry about taxes much, I deduct most of my income.” What are they talking about? Are they serious? Is that legal?
  • Just prior to the pandemic I traded in the Chicago condo for something my daughter and I hadn’t had in years…space. We made the decision that Chicago schools were great, but that we wanted to lock in a school district for the last six years before college. There was one
  • Russian Oil Pipeline
    Yesterday the United States announced a bipartisan unilateral ban on Russian oil imports. This has gotten many of my clients thinking about how an expensive and volatile oil market may impact a portfolio that is heavy in renewable energy stocks. That is a great question! The ban on Russian oil
  • In an inflationary market, investors need to consider more than just the return on their investment. They should also look at the cost of their investments and how well they can protect themselves from inflation. If you ask an investment guy “what stocks should I buy if I am worried
  • Wind Power Investing
    You have probably heard that governments around the world have announced plans to reduce greenhouse emissions by certain amounts by 2030 or 2050. Historically we have found that most governments will fall short of targets … but what would it take for the United States to hit even one of
  • stock market all time highs
    As the stock market has been reaching all-time highs, some investors have started to wonder if a correction is in store. Is this the right time to invest in stocks, or should we be looking for other opportunities? There are many factors to consider when making these decisions – so
  • Almost a decade ago we made the big decision to leave the city and head to the suburbs. My daughter was going to be starting middle school in a year and we needed to get her into a stable school system. The move to the burbs was a big change.
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